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Love your phone system
Painless PBX Install
Up and running in
no time, simple to use!
Shifting between telecommunication companies can be stressful, unless you install a Vadacom business phone system.



Painless PBX intallation

Our PBX installation methodology ensures:

  • One of NZ's fastest delivery and deployment process 
  • One of the easiest PBX installation processes to manage
  • Minimal disruption to your business 

With hundreds of systems installed across New Zealand and internationally, Vadacom are experts at delivering business PBX solutions on time and within budget!


Support & PBX maintenance

Unlike other business phone systems, VadaXchange technology is fully managed and maintained by Vadacom.

All troubleshooting and system programming is done remotely, so there is no need for costly on-site call outs. In fact we have so much control over the settings, we can even remotely adjust the volume on your phone!

Each VadaXchange PBX system is automatically monitored by Vadacom. Our engineers will be alerted to any problems, so we can let you know, and get on with any fixes required.


PBX Security

All business phone systems need robust protection against potential security threats, which can lead to financial losses.

Our engineering team are experts in computer network security. Under the current SLA, our software is regularly patched against network originated attacks. We have even developed unique technology to respond to external threats to VoIP systems originating from third-world countries.

Let us protect your phone system, so you can enjoy the benefits of VoIP without the associated risk.


Let us customise your phone system!

Every Vadacom phone system can be fully customised to support your business processes. Talk to us about your ideal phone system set up - we can extend and design your phone system to support your business just the way you need.

Leverage a communications system that supports your unique business process and provides you with a competitive advantage. Talk to our experts today.


Training & support

We provide full training on each Vadacom phone system for all our customers and partners, to ensure complete confidence and to make sure our customers enjoy the full benefits of their new phone system.

All our customers receive Vadacom user and administration training with every business  phone system.

We provide full installation and administration training for resellers with our Acredited Integrator Program.


The ultimate phone system!

Once we implement your Vadacom phone system, our update service ensures that you can enjoy all the latest features. So this is the last business phone system you will ever need to buy! 

Our team continuously evaluates new PBX technology developments and conducts software testing. Proven improvements are included in each update. Our engineers are continually working on the development of new features for Buddy, our unified communications interface, and Buddy administration tools.

All Vadacom clients benefit from these developments as a part of the updates service included with every Vadacom PBX.