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Love your phone system
Take your business communications to the next level
Cloud business phone systems
from only $24 NZD* monthly per user.


These are (some) of our business benefits

Significant cost and productivity advantages are recognized when business enable remote working, as well as improved work life balance and worker satisfaction.

Unified Teams

Vadacom BuddyTM shows the availability of all your colleagues at a glance. With voice or text tools to communicate your team will be closer than ever. Even when being on the road.

Cost Saving

With Vadacom Phone Systems you will start saving since day one, saving up to 80% on mobile calls and 50% on landline calls. The best part? No capex required.


Empower your team allowing them to work remotely. With our iPhone and Android apps, any phone becomes an extension of your telephone system. Save travel time and costs with affordable, quality conference calling.

Reliable & Scalable

The Vadacom phone system is fully software-based so your business will never be trapped by the limits of a traditional PBX. Cloud PBX systems can grow as your business expands.

Improved Customer Communications

Let customers reach you anywhere with just one call. Keep them engaged with multiple IVR’s and queues settings. Set calls to follow staff when they roam or to redirect to others in the team for maximum efficiency. Do not miss a contact anymore.

Easy to use

Intuitive user interface means less training, faster deployment and increased staff productivity. Improve your internal communications, see who’s free to take a call and manage call forwarding, wherever they are.


Why Vadacom?

Vadacom provides phone system technology to over 500 workplaces across NZ and Australia and has strategic relationships with a number of telcos and ISPs.


“Vadacom’s ease to rapidly add users has been essential for our business growth”

Duncan Ritchie Chief
Platform Officer

“With 50.000 customers, customer attention is the most important part of our business. Vadacom make customer satisfaction easy, helping customers contact us”

Mike Jones
Managing Director

“The Vadacom mobile app helps me manage my staff more efficiently when I’m away from my desk, and that also helps me to be more efficient.

Mark Mischefki
Operations Manager









How it works?

Our Cloud phone system are very easy to deploy, you can have our systems running just in a couple of days.







Still wondering if a Vadacom phone system will benefit your business? Just click the button below to get a demo from our sales team and find out how you can:

- Save money on you phone bills.
- Improve customer attention.
- Manage inbound and outbound calls effectively.
- Keep multiple sites/branches communicated.
- Improve mobility.
- Save travel time and costs with affordable, quality conference calling.

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*Includes software only, equipment sold separately.