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Instant Messaging
Collaborate efficiently with buddy instant messenger.
By supporting open standards Buddy Instant Messenger lets you talk to anyone inside or outside your company and integrates with a wide range of IM services.

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Chat Server

VadaXchange comes with a built-in industry standard Jabber Instant Messaging server. Buddy has a built-in instant messaging client. However, you are not limited to using the Buddy interface for instant messaging. You can also integrate with other IM clients supporting open standard Jabber XMPP protocol.


VadaXchange IM server can be fully federated with other XMPP systems connecting your chat and presence system to the rest of the world.

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Chat Client

VadaXchange Buddy can be configured to connect to either VadaXchange internal chat server, or an external XMPP server, such as Google Talk or Lync. If your organisation uses those other chat servers, you can both chat and share presence information using buddy as a client.

Group Chat

VadaXchange Buddy group chat is a powerful addition to the VadaXchange Teleconferencing bridge where you can conference together with many people at once across different geographical locations.