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Love your phone system
Buddy on iPhone
The power of office PBX in the palm of your hand
Buddy on Android
The power of office PBX in the palm of your hand

Mobile PBX Extensions

Buddy mobile extensions feature enables staff using mobile phones to employ the same rich features as if they were in the office. No special software is required and all mobiles are supported.

Buddy for mobile

With iPhone or Android Buddy software from the Apple Store or Google Play your team can enjoy the full unified communications experience on their smartphones. 

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Cut calling costs

Buddy's mobile extension feature means mobile calls are charged at land-line rates.

With zero-rate calling plans you can receive phone calls from anyone on your mobile phone, without incurring extra costs for call diversion.

You can also use a local mobile phone while overseas, substantially reducing your roaming charges.

Imagine reducing mobile calling costs by up to 80%


Increase productivity

Just one phone number lets people reach your people anywhere. With mobile extensions staff can choose to take calls on their mobile, or even do away with your desk phone completely.

With BuddyTM your team's mobile phones can be included in hunting groups and call queues. Empower your staff to work remotely, and simply contacting staff on the road.