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Phone system lease

Is your phone system owned or leased? Many PBX systems are leased rather than owned. Leasing a phone system is the best way to realise the savings you make by implementing a PBX

However, what happens if the PBX you are leasing is a traditional, old PBX technology? You have three problems you have the opportunity to get rid of:

First, it was expensive when you entered into the lease. Even though you haven't paid the up-front purchase price, you have been paying it off over the period of the lease through higher monthly payments

Second, it doesn't save you any money. It connects you to one type of phone line through one type of provider. You are locked in.

Third, it can't be upgraded through a software update, so you are stuck in the past.

VadaXchange changes all that!

Save money with VadaXchange

  • Reduce your mobile call costs by up to 80%
  • Reduce land-line call costs by up to 50%
  • Let people call you straight from your website, saving your customers time and saving you 0800 call costs
  • Benefit from the advanced features of Buddy unified communications

Select the business phone system that suits your business and start saving on your calling costs, while you improve productivity!


If you are already leasing a phone system, talk to us about replacing it with VadaXchange now, no matter where you are at in your lease term. The sooner you can replace you current system, the sooner you will start saving money!

Your business deserves the best phone system!

What if you didn't need to outlay money to start getting the benefits?

Many of our clients choose Cloud PBX or lease an on-premise VadaXchange PBX rather than buying a PBX outright. The monthly payments are covered by the cost savings of an improved, consolidated phone system for your business.


Save Capex & Calling Costs
Implement a corporate-quality phone-system and dramatically lower your calling costs.
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